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7 Ingredient Vegan ‘Cheese’cakes

Since eating nothing but vegan, I seem to of gotten really good at savoury foods but I’ve been craving sweet things for puddings and ‘naughty’ snacks. I had an interview with a recruiter today in the closest big town to me so thought I would take advantage and have a look around the shops where… Continue reading 7 Ingredient Vegan ‘Cheese’cakes

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BBQ ‘Pulled’ Sweet Potato and Lemony Slaw

Today I have been a busy bee! I have been stripping the walls in the spare bedroom, our house was build in 1970 and from the looks of things hasn’t been stripped back since then, we have layers upon layers of wallpaper and paint, my daughters been having a lovely time playing with her friend… Continue reading BBQ ‘Pulled’ Sweet Potato and Lemony Slaw

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Butternut squash, Spinach and Walnut Spaghetti

Lately I have been wanting to slim down a little and eat a little better, less saturated, less fatty etc etc. Since before Christmas I have been looking around different websites and looking at how i can swap certain condiments for healthier options, it has been mind opening! My daughter wanted spaghetti for dinner tonight… Continue reading Butternut squash, Spinach and Walnut Spaghetti